Monday, March 12, 2007

Let's learning together. 

Zevon is a six-year-old Welsh corgi named after the singer Warren Zevon because he is so energetic he's truly an "excitable boy". He loves nothing more than to run-- something that, unfortunately, started to cause him great pain and often left him lame for days after even a small amount of play. Zevon was operated on in late January 2007 and the surgery went quite well. So well, in fact, that Zevon already thinks he’s already fully healed and has a hard time understanding he still has weeks of recovery ahead of him!

It's another ebay auction for Zevon! Karl Kesel's been selling some truly choice original art to pay for some medical care for his beloved Welsh Corgi. Go and bid.

"I'm the god of all things Grendel," Wagner says. "Whatever I saw happens, happens. But there comes a point where I want to play with someone else's toys. There's a certain creative challenge in working a puzzle where some of the pieces are already in place. Plus, it's like staying in a hotel. I don't have to worry about cleaning up."
Steve Duin of the Oregonian talks to Matt Wagner.

"Although abusive language being attached, the carry which starts single investigation chasing the news team five scientific investigation camp is stretched in the vicinity of the corpse, arrives to the English Victoria base. "
Someone in Japan has reviewed Whiteout. Beautiful translation here, and the original page is here.

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