Thursday, April 26, 2007

Loving the living planet. 

Scans Daily looks in at the Grendel miniseries I did many years ago. They also had an epic thread appreciating the latest issue of Jeff Parker and Juan Santacruz's Marvel Adventures Avengers #12. (Though they do manage to get through sixty-some posts without ever mentioning Juan or Jeff. Hey Scans people, these stories don't just happen. If you like the stuff enough to scan and upload it, why not take that extra second and mention the names of the people responsible? (My mock-outrage is purely on Jeff and Juan's behalf- the Grendel piece credited both me and the writer Jeff Lang.)

Ahem, sorry. Actually, a lot of people are talking about that particular issue of Marvel Adventures Avengers. It's the "Ego the Loving Planet" story: M C Sheffrey | Progressive Ruin | CBR | Eye on Comics | Warren Peace | Those Wednesdays | Every day is like Wednesday | HC Realms

Sam Hobart's Free Comic Book Day analysis says that getting behind Whiteout is "a no-brainer" and hopes that the movie will continue its development. For more on that, we check in at Greg Rucka's livejournal.

And finally, lets all take a moment and contemplate the existence of a comics-themed bed and breakfast.This place could've been AWESOME, in the mode of the Sylvia Beach Hotel but it looks to me like they didn't push the concept anywhere near as far as they should've.

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...at least I pimped them vigorously?

It's a good thought, I'll try to credit writer and artist more often.
Excellent! The attention is great. It's always just a little rough seeing the credit go to the publisher rather than the guys who had to do the work.

Unless you hate it, in which case it's all Marvel's fault.
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