Saturday, May 05, 2007

Free Comic Book Day at Cosmic Monkey 

Free Comic Book Day: Cosmic Monkey

If you’re around the Portland, Oregon area, visit us at the new Cosmic Monkey Comics on Sandy Blvd. in East Hollywood from 12 to 3, today!

Matt Wagner - Grendel, Mage, Batman & The Monster Men
David Hahn - Private Beach, Bite Club, Spider-man Loves Mary Jane
Jeff Parker - The Interman, Agents of Atlas, X-Men First Class
Steve Lieber - Civil War:Frontline, Gotham Central, Whiteout
Farel Dalrymple - Pop Gun War, Meathaus, Omega The Unknown (upcoming)
Graham Annable - Hickee, Grickle
Colleen Coover - Banana Sunday, Small Favors
Paul Tobin - Banana Sunday, Spider-man Family

One of my books will actually be one of the official freebies - Oni's publishing a new edition of Whiteout thanks to all the attention we're getting from the movie, and they've republished the first issue as a FCBD give-away.


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