Friday, May 25, 2007

How did THAT happen? 

That X-men First Class Special continues to get more notice. They've interviewed Colleen Coover about it over at The Pulse. And reviewers and message boards continue to talk about it:
Pop Culture Shock|Fanboy Planet|Toonzone|The other Silver Bullet. We're all really glad to see this. Editor Mark Paniccia took a risk letting an unabashedly funny cartoonist like Colleen work her magic on the X-men. Forunately, the reception looks to be positive. Hell, not just positive; wildly enthusiastic.

The fans are also liking David Hahn's work on Spider-man Loves Mary Jane:Comixtreme|Scans Daily One can only assume this is because David rules.

And hey, this is nice:
"She was always spot-on with the story, and spot-on with the mood. I was extremely pleased when she said yes to the project, and I’m extremely pleased with the finished work."

That was Jim Ottaviani at Newsarama, discussing Dylan Meconis' work on the book.

I'm blogging this from Ohio, which is a big switch from Montreal, as you might imagine. I did manage another celebrity encounter, though. Sara and I were grabbing breakfast at the Portland airport before our flight, when a familiar looking guy sat down next to us. My immediate thought; "Geez, he looks like Ed Begley." Later, when he told the person he was talking to that "I wasn't this busy when I was doing St. Elsewhere" we took that as confirmation. Of course we eavesdropped, and it kind of made me want to go watch Living With Ed.

-Steve Lieber

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