Thursday, August 23, 2007

"The body’s frozen to the ice." 

"The mere act of discovering that there was a crime is life threatening. It’s not simply, someone found a dead body and you call 911. It’s somebody says, I think I saw something out in the middle of nowhere and someone else says that’s a five hour flight from here and we don’t know what the weather’s like. You want me to fly out and check? Well, yeah, you’re kinda obligated to. Then you get out there and lo and behold this is now a crime scene. It’s a negative one hundred ten below zero with wind chill crime scene and you’ve got to keep the plane running because if it stops you’re never going to get it started again. And you’ve got only X amount of fuel. And the body’s frozen to the ice. Let’s just say it was an accidental death and call it a day. But look, he has eighty stab wounds. Oh, he accidentally stabbed himself eighty times, let’s go, I’m cold."

Greg Rucka and Dominic Sena talk to Comics2Film.com about WHITEOUT.


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