Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good as Lily is out. 

Jesse Hamm's graphic novel for the MINX line GOOD AS LILY arrives in stores today. The reviews have been terrific!

"Thematically it touches on life and death, seeing what’s really in front of you, and how choices shape your life. ... a graphic a novel with as much thought and story as a standard novel. Bravo!" (In the comments section, she adds: "It made me cry. Derek Kirk Kim is an amazing story teller. He really gets the whole writing for comics thing.")

"...a fresh, entertaining and engaging tale of true friendship, love, and valuing one self as much as the people in your life do. Absolutely delightful and highly recommended."

"My advanced copy of this graphic novel says that I shouldn’t quote or review this without comparing it to the final version of the book…but I must say one thing. This Rocks! :)"

"DC's Minx line continues to come on strong with Derek Kirk Kim's Good As Lily... a fairly complex little story about the things people want in life, how they change, and all the little key points where a life can start unraveling… [grade] A"

"If you are in the mood for a fun read that ends up being a little meatier than you might expect, GOOD AS LILY will be mighty good, indeed."

"I absolutely loved this book. ... The momentum of the story carries it to a
conclusion that's satisfying without ever being pat or cloying. This fantastic done-in-one tale is easily one of the most heartwarming and enjoyable releases so far this year." And about Jesse's work specifically: "...[Hamm] turns out to be a very solid collaborator. ... Hamm's art does a stellar job using facial expressions and body language to communicate the subtle personality traits that Kim's script demands."

Also, KTVU (the TV channel Jesse relied on for cartoons as a youngster) ran a short interview with Derek Kirk Kim which can be viewed here. Toward the end is a nice flip-through of the pages of GOOD AS LILY.

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