Sunday, August 05, 2007

New York Times! PWTV! 

Several friends called and emailed to tell me about this in the New York Times.

"These kinds of intimate, face-to-face, sometimes face-to-Darth Vader-mask moments seem crucial to the Comic-Con experience, part of the close bonds that comic books encourage between creators and readers. In the area called Artists’ Alley fans lined up with sketchbooks in which they collect drawings from favorite artists. Some cartoonists offer free sketches, others ask for a nominal payment ($20 or so), but all seemed happy to chat with every nervous adolescent and pushy adult who dropped by their table. Seated next to his wife and sometimes collaborator, Sara Ryan, Steve Lieber (“Whiteout”) graciously scratched out an image at the bequest of an aggressive fan, never breaking stride or losing his smile."

And then there's this.

Wow. I'd forgotten just how much stammering I do before I actually start saying anything comprehensible in a sentence. It's like watching a Hanna-Barbera character run in place with the bongo sounds going before he actually zips off.

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