Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wolk, Parker and Lieber at Powell's tonight! 

Sorry, I don't have part two of the con report yet.

From the calendar at Powell's Books:
The first serious, readable, provocative, canon-smashing book of comics criticism by the leading critic in the field, Douglas Wolk's Reading Comics (Da Capo Press) illuminates the most dazzling creators of modern comics — from Alan Moore and Alison Bechdel to Dave Sim and Chris Ware — and introduces a critical theory that explains where each fits into the pantheon of art. This event includes a panel discussion on graphic novels, featuring Wolk, Whiteout artist Steve Lieber, and a late addition to the line-up: Agents of Atlas author Jeff Parker!

Karl Kesel sends along one of his con sketches:

And we asked Jonathan Case about his con experience and in his radio-trained voice, he replied:"It was a big opportunity for me to meet people on both the publishing and creative side of the business, folks like Jeff Smith and Brett Warnock. It was great to get such a positive response to my work!" He's only got a few of his excellent Seafreak preview booklets left, but if you blog about comics and would like one, email us your address at periscope.studio(at)gmail.com and we'll send one out.

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