Monday, September 17, 2007

About.com and the X-Axis 

The comics section of About.com just launched a set of Periscope Studio pages.

Paul O'Brien has a great review of Click by Sara Ryan and Dylan Meconis. O'Brien says:
"Ryan really does excel in this format - she takes a simple, emotional event, she makes her point simply and elegantly, and then she stops. In an era where everyone wants to make graphic novels, it's good to be reminded of the real potential of the short story. There's a lot to cover in this issue - it spans a period of weeks - but through judicious pacing and montage, Ryan fits it all in and makes it seem effortless. God, she's good. She has great taste in artists, as well. Dylan Meconis draws wonderfully expressive characters, and fills the panels with the sort of detail that fills out their world."

You can read the comic online for free at webcomicsnation.

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