Thursday, September 06, 2007

So I guess you're new here. 

I've sent out several dozen copies of this email today:
When our studio changed its name from Mercury to Periscope, I thought we were sort of stuck with our old blog URL. Today though, I was happy to stumble upon a button in the blogspot dashboard that enables you to move your content to a new blogspot URL, and I used it. Bang! All of our content was now available at http://periscopestudio.blogspot.com. Boy, was that easy, and since it didn't offer up any sort of warning, so I assumed that the mercurystudio.bl-gsp-t.c-m address would keep the old content.

Um... no. Within minutes a spammer took possession of our old URL and pasted viagra and porn ads into a google cache of our site's template. I've written blogspot's support, but their help forum is full of people complaining about never getting any reply from blogspot support. I'm not expecting much help there. In the meantime, we're sending out emails to you, our friends in comics, asking you to change your
Mercury Studio blogroll links to this:

And if you're really kind, you could spread the word via your own blog. Thanks!

(Someday we'll have enough time to put an embedded blog into our "real" site, but we're all too busy with clients right now to do any development on that, which for a bunch of freelancers is hardly something to complain about...)

So that's that. If you're new here and don't know who's writing this, I'm Steve Lieber. I illustrate comics, draw storyboards and all sorts of commercial art, and maintain the blog for the twenty or so cartoonists here at Periscope studio. For background, Publisher's weekly just ran a nice story about us. And if you're here in Portland, Oregon a lot of us will be guests at the Stumptown Comics Fest at the end of the month.

That's enough of that. Here's a picture of Modok by Colleen Coover:

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