Thursday, October 04, 2007

Post Stumptown coverage, plus a Jonathan case interview 

CBG: For those not in the know, please explain the basic concept of Sea Freak.

JC: Sea Freak is the story of an atomic sea mutant in the 1960's whose poet soul is at odds with his need to eat teeny boppers. And that's not his only worry. He also has a chorus of three little crabs living on his body, and they want nothing to do with a change of diet. Still, he's adopted a human sense of justice from reading old Shakespeare plays, bottled and tossed into the sea by an unknown party. He decides to follow the bottles' trail, hoping to find a kindred spirit at the other end, and to at last be free of his monstery ways... It's only when he finds the trail's end that he realizes how far he has to go.

Jonathan Case interviewed at the Comic Book Gazette.

Sara Ryan and Ron Chan's Flytrap, Sara and Dylan Meconis' Click and Short Notice by Susan Tardif, reviewed at The Wright Opinion. Also, Paul Guinan's Boilerplate got a shout-out in Publisher's Weekly's Stumptown coverage.

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