Friday, October 12, 2007

Getting published in a lit magazine is usually more difficult. 

I was at the Alberta food co-op last night with Sara, browsing the magazine rack when I spotted what looked like a new literary magazine:A Public Space. Something in the design makes me think of Tin House, which I always enjoy. Quick flip to the table of contents, and, hey, William Vollmann and a section of writing about Antarctica? I'm sold. I toss it in the basket with the apples and oatmeal and don't give it another thought until today, when I'm on the MAX, reading and I flip to the Antarctica section at the back and see this:

It's a bizarre feeling seeing your name and work in a magazine when you weren't expecting it. I actually looked around, sort of wondering if I was being punked. But no, the page was bound in, and Greg and I have short bios in the contributors section. So, um, I'm a contributor to the magazine I randomly picked up off the rack at a grocery store. I kind of like to think Vollmann was surprised, too.


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