Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Class Snafu. 

Jeff parker reports that
several early copies of X-Men First Class #6 that have pages seriously out of order. Like, the Colleen Coover cartoon falls in the middle of the book now, out of order. I assume Marvel will tell shops to hold on to these books while they make the printer fix things, but just in case watch out this Thursday. This is especially irksome because I was excited about the new storyline starting, and we have the longest Coover story yet. Oh well, it’s not like an asteroid is headed directly for Earth or anything. Which it isn’t.

Here's the cover, drawn by Eric Nguyen. In a better world I'd also be able to show you a panel or two from Colleen Coover's backup story, but that would be a world in which I'm not in Ohio right now.

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